UI/UX Workshop:
Sketching Product Experiences

Can't wait to attend a practical UI/UX workshop where you actually learn by doing? That's exactly what will happen at the UI/UX workshop Sketching product experiences.

The participants will work in small teams in getting a digital product from the brief to the screen sketches of a desktop and mobile app. In this intensive workshop, the experimented designers from Grapefruit will guide you through 4 exercises corresponding to different stages of designing user flows (the ways different users interact with your product via an app). They will draw from their vast experience working with big clients such as Telekom (for whom they designed Telekom.ro). Book your seat now, the places are limited!

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We will start with a small brief describing the product we will work on. We will also prepare a series of Personas that will be used for the proposed product idea.

Based on this information, we will first present a series of techniques the attendees can use to design user flows. For the first exercise, the attendees (working in teams of 3 or 4) will have to conclude the main flows of the proposed product idea.

After they created the flows, we will present a series of sketching techniques and interaction design patterns for web use cases. The second exercise will be all about drawing the main screens of the web app based on the flows of the first exercise.

After the main screens were drawn, we will present what is called Mobile Context Assessment - a technique in which the participants choose which functionalities stay and which go when switching from a desktop/web app to a mobile app. Also, here, we will also present a series of mobile interaction design patterns to go with the theme. The third exercise will consist of sketching the main mobile screens based on the Mobile Context Assessment the participants make.

And to conclude, in the end we will have a bonus exercise: a free-for-all creativity drawing exercise where attendees have to imagine their product on new engaging platforms. No guidance, no help, just a few tips and tricks here and there. It will be intensive, it will be fun, it will be worth it.

What practical skills you will gain if you participate at this workshop:

  • • knowing how to work with a product brief
  • • being able to identify different personas and design having them in mind
  • • visualize different user flows
  • • sketching the main screens of a desktop and mobile application
  • • knowing what functionalities to drop when going from desktop to mobile
  • • being creative about designing a web app


Alecsandru Grigoriu

Alecsandru is Design Lead at Grapefruit and also Global Design Ambassador at Interaction Design Foundation since November 2013. He is also Collaborator Teacher Assistant at Faculty of Computer Science, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, where he teaches Human Computer Interaction Laboratory Classes (Master Studies).
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Ciprian Boiciuc

Ciprian has been UX Designer at Grapefruit since November 2013, formerly being a freelancer for more than 3 years. His past experiences include working as a designer for Zilman Media Limited.
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For group registration and billing please contact us at ioana [at] techacademy.ro

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